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Black Cat of London was founded in 2009 with the sole aim of making the finest cricket bats in the world.

All our bats are handmade in England using willow from our own plantation in Kent.

The bat just blew our reviewers away. Four players tried it and every single one gave it five stars out of five.
— The Wisden Cricketer

Our Willow

There are several factors which make the perfect cricket bat, none more important than the willow used for the blade.

Black Cat is one of the only cricket brands in the world to own its own willow plantation. This gives us the advantage of being able to select only the very finest clefts to craft our bats from; most other brands simply do not have this opportunity, instead having to accept what a dealer selects for them.

As well as felling willow trees from our plantation to satisfy the demand for our bats, we also replant saplings to ensure we will always have a steady supply of our own willow to craft bats from.