The Joker EXTREME is the big brother of the standard Joker model (described below).

It is available in weights of 2lb 13oz upwards. Please see the standard Joker model if you require a bat in the style weighing 2lb 12oz or less.

The award-winning Joker is arguably one of the most important and exciting bats in recent years. The bat provides immense power, thanks to its huge profile, while maintaining the usability of a conventional bat.

Whether you're a big hitter wanting to turn fours into sixes, or a more traditional player just seeking more value for your shots, the Joker is the bat for you. The bat has a shortened, uniquely shaped blade and a longer, thicker handle to ensure the perfect pick-up. (Please note: the overall length of the bat is the same as a Short Handle sized bat, the handle is 1 inch longer, the blade 1 inch shorter).

The Wisden Cricketer magazine named the Joker the best 'innovative bat' in its 2011 Gear Test. Please click here to read what Cricinfo's UK Editor, Andrew Miller, thought of the bat.

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