Pol Roger

Pol Roger


This bat is the stunning result of a collaboration between Black Cat and Pol Roger, celebrating two top-end brands with quality as their sole priority.

Pol Roger is the world's finest champagne producer, one of the last remaining great French houses not to have been acquired by a large international conglomerate. Therefore, the Pol Roger family, which still owns and runs the company, is at liberty to prioritise quality produce over short term profits. This is just one area where there is great similarity between Black Cat and Pol Roger.

In much the same way that Black Cat owns its own plantation of willow trees, Pol Roger still uses a huge number of its own grapes in the production of its champagne- a far higher percentage than any other major brand.

The bat is made from our finest available willow, and just 20 will be available on general sale. The bat doesn't have a specified profile- each one is handcrafted to the customer's desired shape, size and weight.

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